CRYOCAB® is the 1-person EISBOX. Many terms such as ice sauna, ice barrel, ice cabin, cold chamber, cryosauna or cold sauna are often used as synonyms.


Our CRYOCAB® is known among our customers as probably the safest and most modern cryosauna on the market. With innovative control and numerous sensors, CRYOCAB® guarantees absolute safety. Our cryosaunas are manufactured exclusively from proven, reliable and high-quality components made of aluminium and stainless steel, according to high Western European standards. We have expertise from 2 previous models. Thus CRYOCAB® is now our third generation and probably the best-developed EISBOX in the world.

Innovative adaptation to the size of the customer

The adjustment to the customer’s size is done via the patented body slider system. Here, the housing of the cryosauna automatically adjusts to the size of your customers. A lift for lifting and lowering the customer is thus no longer used. The mechanical components used for lifting and lowering the doors of the CRYOCAB® cryosaunas are not affected by the extreme temperatures, unlike the lift system. 

Leaders in Cryotherapy & Recovery innovation