Our POWERCAB PERFORMANCE cold chamber is not only a visual highlight, but it is also equipped with the most advanced technologies we can offer.

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When dealing with buying a cryo chamber there are four points to note:

1. Energy consumption: With a power consumption of 3.5 kW/h, POWERCAB is the most energy-efficient cold chamber on the market.

2. Cooling capacity: The POWERCAB’s ultra-high-performance cooling unit generates temperatures down to -110°C. This makes the POWERCAB the most powerful cold chamber.

3. Software: The POWERCAB’s integrated software can not only start or stop an application, as with conventional cold chambers, but also offers a customer database, anamnesis function, various light settings, interfaces to various health tracking providers, individual determination of the optimal application time for your customers and much more.

4. Quality and design: The futuristic design is a real eye-catcher and quickly arouses the interest of your customers. The POWERCAB is 100% manufactured in Berlin, Germany. We are proud of our quality seal

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