CRYOSPOT is a revolutionary cryotherapy device for local cryostimulation and Cryofacial, which uses liquid nitrogen (LN2).


It is the world’s first local cryotherapy device that uses a sensor in the application nozzle to control the patient’s skin temperature during treatment and enables safe treatment.

The sensor informs the user when the cryostimulated area has reached a suitable temperature. It also sounds an alarm when the skin temperature is too low to prevent localised frostbite.

The skin temperature is the only objective parameter of a correctly performed treatment. Thanks to the use of liquid nitrogen (-196°C), the patient’s desired skin temperature can be reached quickly. As nitrogen is a very dry gas, the treatment with CRYOSPOT is very pleasant.

Thanks to the targeting functions of the laser, an optimal and precise application on all body zones is possible. Cryofacial applications can be performed with and without laser.

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