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The POWERCAB ultra-high performance cold chambers reach up to -110°C. Also available as 230V or 400V version.


CRYOCAB® is the 1-person EISBOX. Many terms such as ice sauna, ice barrel, ice cabin, cold chamber, cryosauna or cold sauna are often used as synonyms. Our CRYOCAB® is known among our customers as probably the safest and most modern cryosauna on the market.


CRYOSPOT is a revolutionary cryotherapy device for local cryostimulation and Cryofacial, which uses liquid nitrogen (LN2).


Size reduction through shock-like warm and cold phases. Also suitable for physiotherapeutic applications for cooling joints.


Lymphatic massage programmed after the founder of manual lymphatic drainage Dr. Vodder. 24 pressure chambers for professional use.


Magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) is an electromagnetic application that stimulates muscle contraction through electrical impulses to strengthen weak muscles while shaping the body.

Designed and certified for some of
the worlds biggest brands


Nike BTD – Crossfit Championship


Adidas Football – The Base


„Nur mit den sichersten und hochwertigsten Geräten können wir den Erfolg unserer Kunden und Partner langfristig gewährleisten!“
Reinhard Wingral – Global Franchise AG


Medizinische Therapie auf höchstem Niveau

Birgitt & Dr. Oliver Sprick – Pioniere der Kältetherapie

Leaders in Cryotherapy & Recovery innovation